Travel And Family Events

Before the spread of Covid-19, we were invited to Ursinus College, my Alma Mater, where we met and shared a meal with recipients of our scholarship program for budding Neuroscientists. Each of these students will be receiving our support for a second year.

The pandemic so limited socialization that the summer was better spent at Bergheim rather than restricted to an apartment at The Highlands at Wyomissing. The pictures to follow are taken with the iPhone XS.

A picture taken mid summer showing new solar panels and some of the landscape refresh.

We left for Bergheim on April first and spent 7 months there, undertaking various repairs and a major landscape refresh.

Early in April we had a light snow fall.
There was another snow shower in late October.

Repairs included replacing sections of rotten log with left over vernier that came with the stand alone garage which was “stick built”.

The lower 12 foot section required an addition of a 10 foot 2×6 to fully support the span.

We invited the family for a day of “painting” the gambrel ends facing the driveway – the surfaces which have the most sun exposure. That evening we all went out to The Settlers Inn for a family supper.

As for everyone, our travel was limited to a few days with long time friends on Lake Winnepesaukee which afforded Antje, Laz, Demetri, Alex, and Katie recreational activities on the lake.

Finally, our summer began and ended with a whole family supper to celebrate birthdays. This one in November was for Mason, Peter and Amy, appropriately socially distanced.

As I review this section, we have learned that, in response to a spike in viral infections, the state has been more restricted in social interactions. Our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner at The Settlers Inn has been canceled, but we will spend the week between Christmas and New Year at Bergheim, alone.

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