Travel And Family Events

This year Amy and I started our “Summering” at Bergheim on April 1st, arriving just after a March heavy snow brought down trees and limbs. Our introduction to Nature’s destruction began right at the driveway which was blocked by 3 and 4 inch diameter branches. April was given to clearing the property, sadly including limbs of three Japanese lace leaf maples. I was enough engaged with this that I completely forgot to take pictures, and my shoulders continue to remind me that I had overtaxed the tolerance of ligaments for such heavy work.

So the earliest photographic record of 2018 was a trip to the Colebrookdale Railroad. We took a 2 hour ride in a retired rail car with Katie Mason and Paul, complete with a flute of champaign at the end.

Then on August 11th the whole family gathered in a rental on Lake Winnepesaukee just 3 minutes walk from our friends the Ilgens for week of water sports and time together.

Katie and Tessa
Helga and Pete
Bruce and Bernie Ilgen; Jesse and Zack Eddinger

Bruce and Bernie Ilgen hosted a cookout over a campfire.

Lazaros, Tessa, Amy
Katie, Bernie, Tessa, Pete, Helga
Alex cooking a marshmello
Jesse, Zack, Bernie

Water sports were also part of the weeks pursuits.

Calvin and Katie
Demetries first sailing lesson
Sunset over Winter Harbor

On September 1st, Bill and Debbie hosted a Barrett cousins reunion.

Standing: Bill and Debbie Barrett; Peter and Barbara Buczynski; Rick and Judy Allen; Elaine and Ken Willcox; Bob Barrett; Cindy and Dick Coon; Seated: Jim and Amy Barrett

Starting October 1, we transitioned to winter quarters at The Highlands, and spending time with Mason.

Picking up Mason from the bus.

We were able to watch Demetrie and Katie play soccer. 


Amy and Mason celebrated birthdays together early November.

Amy and I attended the opening of the new Neuroscience building on the campus of Ursinus College. We have sponsored a lab dedicated to cell culture.

Antje’s monogramming business has taken off. Amy and I help by loading and watching the machines and doing book keeping.

That brings us to December 8th, the date of this blog publication. I hope you have enjoyed learning about our year, and perhaps will look forward to the next blog of our family trip starting in Paris then the cruise portion starting in Lyon, France.

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